Comparative Constitutional Law

Comparative constitutional law is the field of study that focuses on how the frameworks of governments from around the world vary. It is traditionally dated back to nineteenth century Europe, although it has informally existed since civilizations have had laws in writing. Monstesquieu, who wrote and published De L’esprit des lois, is often thought of as the father of modern comparative law. Another early noted scholar was Sir Henry Maine, the British historian who first taught it as a university class in Oxford in 1869. Maine also published the groundbreaking text, Ancient Law: Its Connection with the Early History of Society, and Its Relation to Modern Ideas.

A current prominent expert of constitutional comparative law is Sujit Choudhry. Choudhry holds degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. He was a Rhodes Scholar and a law clerk for the Supreme Court of Canada under Chief Justice Antonio Lamer. He is currently a law professor at the University of California Berkeley. He has published nearly one hundred textbook chapters, research papers, and reports on constitutional law, including The Migration of Constitutional Ideas in 2006, Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation? in 2008, and The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution in 2016.

Choudhry’s work is not merely academic, but hands-on as well. He served as an advisor when the constitutions of Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Ukraine were being constructed. Much of his work has focused on the rights of minority groups, the peaceful transition to democratic rule, and policies regarding a bill of rights. He is even on the roster of mediators for the United Nations.

One key text about comparative constitutional law is The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, edited by Choudhry and published in 2007. It examines how the governmental frameworks of Europe, North America, and Australia tend to influence each other. Topics include the spread of democracy and the migration of ideas and laws about marriage, treaties, free speech, and citizens’ rights. A large section of the text includes material on how comparative law works in a post 9/11 world, such as Britain’s Terrorism Act.

Diverse Philanthropic Sets by Eric Lefkofsky

Lefkofsky Family Foundation is a charitable trust founded by Eric and his wife Liz in the year 2006. Through the foundation, they have been able to carry out many charitable activities towards the betterment of the community. The foundation had a mission to come up with different programs, research as well as initiatives that would improve the quality of life of people. Most of these activities are usually carried out in Chicago where Eric Lefkofsky is based. Below are the several keys areas that the Foundation focuses on:

  • Health: The philanthropic couple has been able to support health in many ways especially towards cancer treatment. Liz and Eric have given several donations towards medical centers that provide care for children, treatment for pancreatic cancer, research, and treatment of different types of cancer such as lung, thyroid, and leukemia. Other donations were channeled towards an organization that treats diseases such as Crohn’s disease, cardiovascular disease, celiac disease, food allergies, brain tumors, Lupus, Alzheimer’s and cystic fibrosis. Every year the couple seem to contribute substantial amounts of their wealth towards improving the quality of health in the community mostly by donating towards researchers on different diseases.
  • Education: Liz and Eric focus mostly on children’s education, supporting charter schools, creating programs for disadvantaged youths after they finish school as well as scholarship programs. Their plans succeed because they first ensure that the teachers and administrators are fully equipped with the necessary tools by giving support to the organizations that develop these professionals. Through Moneythink, one of Lefkofskys’ support program, many get educated about finance in urban schools. Eric has also made substantial donations towards education, for instance, at the University of Michigan where he is an alumni and other universities in Chicago as well.
  • Arts and Culture: In Chicago, Lefkofskys’ have contributed towards arts and culture by supporting organizations such as Steppenwolf Theatre Company with an amount of $7 million. Others include Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art with $2.5 million and the Art Institute of Chicago with about $1.5 million. They have also made several other donations towards the same area though with lesser amounts.
  • Human Rights: They seem not to have done much towards human rights area, but they contributed towards two main organizations dealing with human rights. Anti-Defamation League is one of them and received a donation of an amount less than $100,000 while Human Rights Watch received $100,000 to support their operations. Others include Planned Parenthood of Illinois, Illinois Holocaust Museum, and Education Center though they received smaller shares of donations.
  • Technology: Through a partnership with the Motorola Mobility Foundation and Google, the Lefkofskys’ were able to create the 1871 FEMtech aimed at encouraging more female entrepreneurs in the field.

Lefkofsky Family Foundation has motivated members of staff, excellent website, and billionaire founders, and it is positioned to be able to extend their charitable activities outside Chicago.

Cone Marshall Advances Its Practice In Estate And Tax Law

The commercial litigation industry has gone through a lot of changes and law firms in New Zealand have embraced the industry by coming up with new and focused services that are helping to resolve cases brought by clients from different specialties. Cone Marshall is among firms that have managed to emerge leaders in the industry for offering services in commercial litigation and working with clients from different parts of the world. The firm has grown to become a leader in New Zealand due to their influence in developing estate and tax litigation processes.


Launched in 1999, Cone Marshall has developed a litigation system that is targeted at enhancing access to information and services among clients from different parts of the world. Since 2005, Cone Marshall embarked on a mission to restructure and built a new system that is able to offer clients a chance to take part in the resolution process. They have an around the clock process that offers clients and staff access to vital files attached against a case.


The online filing system was installed less than five years ago and the company has seen massive changes due to the benefits that have come with serving clients through a digital environment. It has sped up processes and enhanced security. Some cases would drag up to one month but with the infrastructure Cone Marshall installed, the firm is able to offer solutions within three days.


To ensure no mistakes are done along the way, Cone Marshall has also trained all staff members on managing orders through the online system. The firm works with highly skilled professionals who have worked as lawyers for many years to ensure a streamlined service delivery process.


Karen Marshall

Karen Marshal is one among leaders who have helped Cone Marshall to proceed seamlessly over the past 10 years. Since she became part of the firm in 2005, she has worked on many projects that have improved Cone Marshall, including coming up with an idea that saw the installation of the digital filing system. Her experience includes working for more than 10 years as a lawyer in London before she was appointed to work with Cone Marshall.


She specializes in estate and trust litigation and her past records while handling commercial litigation speak success and dedication. Karen Marshall keeps in touch with Geoffrey Cone, an expert whose effort has helped the firm to grow from a basic entity to the attainment of its stability.

How to Build Wealth Over Time From Brad Reifler

There are a lot of people who are trying to take the next step with their finances. However, many people today struggle just to save up a small amount of money. Over time, there are a lot of steps that you can take in order to succeed in this area. There are many people who have high levels of debt and a low income. Brad Reifler is someone who has worked with thousands of people over the long term in order to help in this area. There are a lot of young people who need help in this area, and that is why he is working to do that.


If you want to invest in your future, you need to start putting money away. Over the long term, you need to make sure you are investing money every month into some sort of financial account. This can go a long way in helping you secure a future that you are comfortable with. Many people get help from the experts in this area. If you want to invest in your retirement accounts, you have a lot of options for that. The most important thing is that you are actually investing for your future and you have a plan in place to succeed at a high level. Brad Reifler is an expert in this area who has helped a lot of people.


One of the biggest obstacles in building wealth is debt. A lot of people simply do not understand how to build wealth for the future. If you want to invest, you need to make sure you have your consumer debt paid off. If you are paying 20 percent interest on a credit card, it makes more financial sense for you to pay off the debt. Some people have to get creative in order to get out of debt. No matter what you end up doing, you need to make sure you understand how to get out of your large monthly payments. For many people, their house is their biggest debt. Besides that, try to pay off all of your debts that are taking away your monthly cash flow over a period of time.

The Manse on Marsh and the Benefits of Staying There

The Manse on Marsh is a well-known retirement home in San Luis Obispo County. It has been in existence for over fifteen years. It has won several awards due to its commitment to the service of the elderly and also due to the structure that it has established that enables it to meet the needs of all the residents at the facility. Manse on Marsh has been used as a model senior community development center for other centers that have developed over the years. Manse on Marsh is the leading retirement home in the region. The people at Manse on Marsh are keen on sharing their knowledge on care-giving to other players in the field because they view care-giving as a calling and not as a business.

The residents are able to live happy and fulfilled lives because the environment is conducive. The staff members go out of their way to ensure that the residents are happy and well taken care of. They are aware that the families have left their elderly loved ones in their custody and they stride to ensure the safety, happiness and comfort of the residents.

The residents are encouraged to interact with one another so as to create a family atmosphere at the facility. Manse on Marsh has grown into a close knit family that loves and cares for one another. The residents also decide the terms of operation between themselves and the staff members. They are afforded the freedom to dictate how they want to live their lives. It is viewed as place that the elderly go to get great care and not a place that families abandon their elderly loved ones.

The residents are also provided with top notch housekeeping services. This ensures that they are well taken care of. Their beds and made and their trash is taken out. The residents also have access to medical practitioners at all times. The health of the residents is of great importance to the residents. The facility also provides an option to the residents on the duration of their stay. They can stay on permanent basis or on temporary basis.  Be sure to follow them on social media for more information too, including The Manse on Marsh Twitter account, as well as their Facebook page.

Accurate Wiki Pages and Telling Trends

Wikipedia has been used for a massive amount of things over the last decade or more, but there is a lot more foreshadowing than you might expect when you hop on to a Wiki page. One of the most interesting things over the last several weeks has been the activity that has popped up on the different candidates that had the potential to be the democratic pick for the vice presidency under selected nominee Hillary Clinton. It is very interesting to note that in the past, pages with the most Wikipedia revisions to their pages, have seemed to be the most likely picks for the vice presidency role. This same trend has continued to this day, as Tim Kaine has been selected to represent the Vice Presidency role under Hillary Clinton.

Tim Kaine had his page edited far more times than everyone else in the field, so there is a direct connection between the large amount of edits that he had to his page, which far outweighed everyone else in the race. A betting man would look at the way that Wiki edits correspond to the ultimate selection and head to Las Vegas to place his bets. While there is nothing that can absolutely prove that this is the leading factor, it goes a long way to show that Wikipedia is a huge role player in terms of the public eye, as well as how much it serves as a reference point. Encyclopedias have gone completely online and if you want to find out information about something, chances are very high that you are going to wind up on a Wikipedia page.

To put that further, you have to be careful when you make a Wikipedia page all the information is correct as most people that come across it are going to think that the information they are reading is an accurate portrayal of the you or your business. Because of this, it is so important to update a Wiki page and ensure the information on it is fully accurate. One of the great things, but also can be a big negative, is the fact that Wiki is a totally interactive network. If someone wants to edit your Wiki page, and if they haven’t had the page built by a Wikipedia expert for hire such as those at Get Your Wiki, your information may not be correct. Contacting a company such as this is your best bet to get the most accurate information relevant to your page possible, while avoiding potential problems.

Securus Technologies Is At The Forefront Of Prison Video Visitations

Being incarcerated in the United States is a challenging situation in so many different ways. The prison system is antiquated. The prison atmosphere is filled with negative energy, and the day-to-day life of prisoners has nothing to do with help and rehabilitation. A prison sentence is a ticket to depression, confusion, and relentless control that undermines the self-worth of individuals and promotes a sense of “us against them” mentality. Most people agree that the system is out of control, and should be changed and that change should start at the judicial level.

But there are some companies that are trying to make the lives of prisoners a little more tolerable. Securus Technologies is one of those companies. Securus Technology is the number one inmate call provider in the United States. Securus has an unlimited minutes program, and there are no long distance fees. There is no contract to deal with, and people can pay month-to-month for the service. Securus has inmates and families in mind.

The Securus inmate telephone system is simple to use. Securus provides a “Local” number which is located near the inmate facility where a loved one resides. The family or friend of the inmate gives the number to the inmate. That number is the family’s contact number. Inmates can call that number and the family’s work, cell or home phone will ring. But Securus has gone one step beyond that basic inmate telephone system. Securus has introduced a video visitation system that allows inmates and families to see and communicate with each other.

The Securus video visitation system eliminates the drive to the prison to see an incarcerated loved one. The system eliminates the long lines that develop on visitation days. The video visitation system gives families flexibility. Families can visit with loved ones when they want. Setting up visitation times is done with a computer and a web camera that is connected to the Internet.

The Securus at home video visitation system is easy to use. All it takes to get started is a Securus Online account. An online visit with an incarcerated loved one is like a standard through-the-glass visit. The difference is the family can schedule the visit in advance, and the entire family can join the visit.

Securus Technologies is taking some of the pain out of inmate visits. A video visitation is just like a Facetime call that is set up in advance.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.