Kim Dao Tests Pokemon Makeup and Snacks

Kim Dao absolutely loves Pokémon, so you can see her excitement in introducing this Pokémon themed video. Kim Dao went on a recent haul, and she purchased Pokémon makeup as well as some Pokémon themed snacks. Throughout the video Kim Dao does product demonstrations of the makeup, while she does taste tests on each of the snacks. One of the first products that Kim Dao tests is the Pokémon caramel tea. The product is perfectly fitting for a cup of tea as the tea bag has arms so that the bag and paper don’t slip into the tea cup. After Kim Dao allows the tea to cool for a bit, she takes her first sip. She mentions that it tastes a little bitter at first, but it has a strong caramel after taste which she enjoys. Kim Dao then moves on to makeup testing, with the Pokémon Love It’s Demo Airy Touch Powder product. The product packaging is super cute, with the pastel hued image on the lid of the product. The cuteness doesn’t end there as Kim Dao opens the package to find that the applicator puff has a ribbon tied to it. There are so many makeup and snack products that Kim Dao enjoyed from this video. It’s safe to say that the Pokémon love continues on.

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