Cone Marshall Advances Its Practice In Estate And Tax Law

The commercial litigation industry has gone through a lot of changes and law firms in New Zealand have embraced the industry by coming up with new and focused services that are helping to resolve cases brought by clients from different specialties. Cone Marshall is among firms that have managed to emerge leaders in the industry for offering services in commercial litigation and working with clients from different parts of the world. The firm has grown to become a leader in New Zealand due to their influence in developing estate and tax litigation processes.


Launched in 1999, Cone Marshall has developed a litigation system that is targeted at enhancing access to information and services among clients from different parts of the world. Since 2005, Cone Marshall embarked on a mission to restructure and built a new system that is able to offer clients a chance to take part in the resolution process. They have an around the clock process that offers clients and staff access to vital files attached against a case.


The online filing system was installed less than five years ago and the company has seen massive changes due to the benefits that have come with serving clients through a digital environment. It has sped up processes and enhanced security. Some cases would drag up to one month but with the infrastructure Cone Marshall installed, the firm is able to offer solutions within three days.


To ensure no mistakes are done along the way, Cone Marshall has also trained all staff members on managing orders through the online system. The firm works with highly skilled professionals who have worked as lawyers for many years to ensure a streamlined service delivery process.


Karen Marshall

Karen Marshal is one among leaders who have helped Cone Marshall to proceed seamlessly over the past 10 years. Since she became part of the firm in 2005, she has worked on many projects that have improved Cone Marshall, including coming up with an idea that saw the installation of the digital filing system. Her experience includes working for more than 10 years as a lawyer in London before she was appointed to work with Cone Marshall.


She specializes in estate and trust litigation and her past records while handling commercial litigation speak success and dedication. Karen Marshall keeps in touch with Geoffrey Cone, an expert whose effort has helped the firm to grow from a basic entity to the attainment of its stability.