Securus Technologies Is At The Forefront Of Prison Video Visitations

Being incarcerated in the United States is a challenging situation in so many different ways. The prison system is antiquated. The prison atmosphere is filled with negative energy, and the day-to-day life of prisoners has nothing to do with help and rehabilitation. A prison sentence is a ticket to depression, confusion, and relentless control that undermines the self-worth of individuals and promotes a sense of “us against them” mentality. Most people agree that the system is out of control, and should be changed and that change should start at the judicial level.

But there are some companies that are trying to make the lives of prisoners a little more tolerable. Securus Technologies is one of those companies. Securus Technology is the number one inmate call provider in the United States. Securus has an unlimited minutes program, and there are no long distance fees. There is no contract to deal with, and people can pay month-to-month for the service. Securus has inmates and families in mind.

The Securus inmate telephone system is simple to use. Securus provides a “Local” number which is located near the inmate facility where a loved one resides. The family or friend of the inmate gives the number to the inmate. That number is the family’s contact number. Inmates can call that number and the family’s work, cell or home phone will ring. But Securus has gone one step beyond that basic inmate telephone system. Securus has introduced a video visitation system that allows inmates and families to see and communicate with each other.

The Securus video visitation system eliminates the drive to the prison to see an incarcerated loved one. The system eliminates the long lines that develop on visitation days. The video visitation system gives families flexibility. Families can visit with loved ones when they want. Setting up visitation times is done with a computer and a web camera that is connected to the Internet.

The Securus at home video visitation system is easy to use. All it takes to get started is a Securus Online account. An online visit with an incarcerated loved one is like a standard through-the-glass visit. The difference is the family can schedule the visit in advance, and the entire family can join the visit.

Securus Technologies is taking some of the pain out of inmate visits. A video visitation is just like a Facetime call that is set up in advance.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.