The Lung Institute and its Stem Cell Therapy

The Lung institute treats many lung diseases be they restrictive or obstructive. Since its inception, the institute has treated more than 4,000 patients. At the institute stem cell therapy is provided for many lung diseases like: bronchiectasis, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, COPD, emphysema, pneumoconiosis and interstitial lung disease.

Chronic Bronchitis

Stem cell therapy treats conditions such as chronic bronchitis. According to a PR Web study, this is a leading cause to ‘chronic obstructive pulmonary disease’ the inflammation of the lungs and air passage causes coughing. This disease can be caused by viral infections, smoking, and air pollution.


Here damage to the airways makes them widen and scarred. This damage makes it impossible to clear mucus. The mucus build up is the breeding ground for bacteria. There are two strains: congenital and non- congenital bronchiectasis. The former comes as a result of a birth defect while the latter comes after birth.

Pulmonary Fibrosis

Pulmonary Fibrosis causes blockage of free pass of oxygen. The causes of this condition are categorized as occupational, autoimmune disorders, genetics and environmental factors. Silica dust, grain dust, herbicides are examples of environmental factors.

The Lung Institute

This institute was started with the objective of alleviating the suffering of those people with chronic lung illnesses. Normal life for people with these diseases can be a nightmare which is why the institute is dedicated to research and implement new ways of dealing with these illnesses.

Since the many of the traditional methods were riddled with side effects and interested in curing the symptoms as opposed to addressing disease progression, the institute developed therapy protocol. This stem cell therapy is bent on treating lung diseases and not just dealing with the symptoms.

‘Stem cell therapy uses the ‘autologous stem cells‘ from the patient’s body to help the body heal naturally. This method prevents the progression of the disease and also deals with the symptoms. The therapies done at the institute are a bit invasive and the take 3 days on an outpatient treatment plan.

Improving lives of those suffering from lung infections is the institute’s sole mission. The research we do and the academic papers we write, all point towards alleviating the suffering of patients. To learn more about chronic lung diseases, visit