Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Could Make Amazon a Little Nervous

Looking at the sales numbers that Amazon has pulled in will lead many to believe that there is not too much in the way of competition that makes them nervous. Amazon enjoys 20 percent of the online apparel sales, and that is huge considering the total number of articles of clothing that sell each year. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been making strides to get to the top spot, and with $250 million in women’s clothing sales in three years, this company is certainly getting the attention of Amazon.


Hudson discusses the secret to selling her athleisure brand, and it all comes down to a sales process know as reverse showrooming and the Fabletics membership. These are not new selling concepts, but Hudson says that the combination in which her store utilizes these processes is certainly appealing to the masses of women looking for something exciting to wear. She explains that women come to her Fablectics stores in the mall and it is more of a shopping experience. These women try on all the clothing, take part in the Lifestyle Quiz, spend time window-shopping, then be sure to grab their free membership too. The surprising part is there is no pressure on sales, so many women actually leave the retail setting buying nothing.


The success formula doesn’t really take shape until these women visit the Fabletics website, and then the real magic happens. Part of the benefit of having the membership is everything you try on at the retail store gets transferred to your online profile. Now you have no doubt how anything fits, so the shopping experience just got that much easier. The online inventory is more diverse than the store setting, so women can shop for a number of pieces of active-wear or workout apparel and keep adding these pieces to the e-commerce shopping cart.


In addition to easier ordering online, members of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics get free shipping on all online orders, special discounted pricing, and the assistance of a Fabletics personal shopper once a month. The benefits are so vast that women appear to love the pampering they get at this site, and the sales numbers are the proof. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has come a long way in a short time, but one this is obvious, the shopping experience is so unique that women are making this active-wear site a place to shop first when they need new workout apparel.

Adam Goldenberg Recognizes Top Workers

While the best workers in companies do not need recognition, it does help them to get the encouragement that will make their days better. Sometimes, even the best workers would appreciate the feedback they get from their superiors. This would give them even more encouragement to move forward in their goals. Adam Goldenberg is someone who is not reserved when it comes to giving his top workers recognition. As a matter of fact, he takes the time to work with and mentor his top workers. This brings a lot of encouragement to the top worker and gives him even more reason to stay.

One thing that Adam Goldenberg talks about is the practice in which many employers take on. Among the common practices he sees in the work place is the way employers handle their employees. For one thing, a lot of employers focus on growing their B or C players so that they do A level performance. However, Adam does not keep B or C level employees on CrossCut.vc. One thing that makes the company so focused is that they are hired based on their passion, not their skill. After all, if a person is passionate about something, he is more likely to learn more about what he is doing.

In other words, the star employee, or the top worker is not someone who clicks all the checkpoints on Twitter. He doesn’t just do what is needed and then move on with his day. He is someone who takes the time to find if there is anything more to do in his job. He is also someone who comes up with a lot of great ideas that will push the company forward.

Adam Goldenberg makes sure that his company is focused and moving forward in the constantly changing world of fashion. With this constant change, this brings in more new trends and really interesting looking items that women and men can enjoy. Adam Goldenberg wants to be one of the people that are influencing the trends in the industry. This is why he is passionate about fashion. This is also one of the reasons that Fabletics is such a success at http://vator.tv/news/2015-05-12-whats-it-like-to-be-a-unicorn.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Take over Amazon

In 2017, it is impossible to create a fashion brand without thinking about how you will compete with Amazon. The massive online store controls over 20% of the entire e-fashion industry. However, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing exactly the unexpected, expanding with the last three years seeing the business grow into $250 million enterprises.


Fabletics employs subscription mechanism to sell products to its consumers. This method is part of it’s as part of its “activewear” growing movement. The brand uses a very simple assumption that the customer is attracted to inspirational products. Once you combine that with convenience and membership, you get a powerful combination.


In the past price and quality of the products were the major aspects that determined how fruitful and competitive the brand was. However, with the changes in economics, these two are not enough to compete or assure success. The modern consumer is concerned about other things including customer service and experience, design and gamification elements, brand recognition and last mile service.


Fabletics have adapted the Apple and Warby Parker strategy of buying membership brand, and the strategy is paying off. The brand is expected to open more physical stores within the year to add on to the sixteen existing ones.


In the opinion of Fabletics General Manager, Gregg Throgmartin, the secret to their success lay behind their initial creation of modern day and reimagined high-value brand. Also, he thinks that their membership model is what allows them to offer a more personalized service and at a lower price compared to their competitors. This is considering that when you know what the people wants, you provide exactly that.


Three Different Way Fabletics Run their Physical Stores


Encouragement of reverse showrooming


Instead of the standard method by competitors where customers browse the products and then shop in various stores, Fabletics focuses more on building a relationship with the clients. This way, they have been able to understand the local market and what their customers are looking for. The result is that 30-50 percent of all clients who walk in are already a member. Of those who walk in and are not yet members, 20 percent convert by the time they are leaving the premises.


Power of Online Data


Fabletics maintains customer trust through the provision of the right content both physically and online. Using the data collected online from their members, they can stock their physical stores accordingly. They measure their success through a combination of global fashion trend and customer preferences.


Focusing on People, Culture and Accessibility


Like many other fashion brands, Fabletics is faced with challenges and especially when entering new markets and facing new competitors. However, they have ample knowledge on balancing between consumer education, customer service, and lifestyle. Provision of quality products and competitive price determines their fast growth rate. They also accredit the growth to a creative team, in-house media, and an official spokesman.


About Fabletics


Back 2013, Don Ressler of JustFab Inc and Adam Goldenberg in conjunction with Kate Hudson founded the Fabletics brand. The lack of activewear inspired their decision in the marketplace. Despite the luxurious product in the market, none offered stylish and high-quality gear at an affordable price. The three joined hand and came up with the brand.

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