Bruce Levenson Partners with University of Maryland to Show Students How to ‘Do Good’

Bruce and Karen Levenson have partnered up with the University of Maryland to open up the Do Good Initiative, Known for his role in business and philanthropy, Bruce sees this setting as an optimal opportunity to get bright young people to consider their options when trying to apply their professional prospects to worthwhile causes they wish to pursue.

Bruce Levenson‘s ambition seems to be quite attractive to those who support these kinds of philanthropic outfits. With a combination of fundraising efforts on the part of his wife and himself, along with grants from the state of Maryland, the Do Good Institute was able to acquire nearly $100 million in seed money to begin its operations, and it’s already been able to display the benefits it provides.

Ben Simon is one of the many students to have partnered with the program, he’s also the co-founder of the Food Recovery Network, working to reduce food waste on campus. Simon then went on to start Imperfect Produce, taking edible but less-than perfect fruits and vegetables and reducing their cost so the poor can more easily afford them.

Levenson hopes that the Do Good Institute will help more young people like Simon find their way in making their personal causes viable and successful in achieving their goals. And in doing so, Levenson hopes, the program will spread to other campuses across the country.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson, along with business partner Ed Peskowitz, founded the United Communications Group. With 40 years in business, it has provided services to more than two million clients, making it one of the largest business information companies in the world.

Outside of business Levenson has had a prolific career in philanthropy, including time as President of the I Have a Dream Foundation. Bruce and his wife Karen founded the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, housed at the University of Maryland. According to Forbes Magazine, Bruce was also the former governor of the Atlanta Hawks.