Flavio Maluf, Brazilian Businessman

Flavio Maluf is president of Eucatex and over the 30 years he works in the company faced crises and seized the opportunities. Eucatex began in 1951, being the first genuinely Brazilian company to think about environmental issues, environmental and acoustic comfort. Flavio Maluf emphasizes that pioneering is important for the evolution of the business. It is important to focus on then expanding the industry. What happened with the company, which started with the construction industry and now serves real estate manufacturers and large industries. To win in situations of instability is essential to know how to circumvent situations, especially the most delicate.

Efficient management must know how to invest in the most efficient production, distribution and approaches to customers. It is important to take good advantage of the opportunities, especially in unfavorable conditions. (Available in: Accessed on: Aug 07, 2015). Economic Engineering is an area that takes into account the best methods and techniques to make the best decisions in the company. This example of Eucatex shows us that efficient management is one way to achieve the best results when talking about economics. Therefore, mark the correct alternative.


The evaluation of future problems ends up being disregarded of the economy, since the current problems are already considered.

For the Production Engineer it becomes unnecessary to know the risks of investments, since it prioritizes production actions.

Estimating costs, be they of products or processes are considered in engineering and not in economics.

Knowing the productive process and estimating the losses of the productive process is part of the economic engineering.