Bernardo Chua Looks For Success In Every Aspect Of His Life

In little more than a decade the founder and head of the Organo luxury coffee and lifestyle brand has become one of the best known business leaders in North America and across the world.

Not only has Bernardo Chua been one of the most important figures for the Gano Excel healthy direct sales company, but he has also been concerned with developing a series of new products that have made it easier than ever before for every person in the world to enjoy the health benefits of the Ganoderma herb Bernie feels so strongly about.

The many achievements Bernardo Chua and his Organo brand have achieved in recent years include a series of consumer voted awards given by the Philippines government.

These awards included the best healthy product and top direct sales company are of great importance as they show the respect Bernardo has built up among his customers in recent years; these awards were given to both Bernardo Chua for his executive role and for the Organo company as a whole.

Alongside the Philippines based awards given to Chua and Organo the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal has also been given to the company for providing motivation to achieve in the multi level marketing industry, PRWeb reports.

The continued success Bernardo Chua has achieved with the Organo brand has not seen the Philippines born business leader rest on his laurels, but has seen him look to bring his impressive business model of direct sales to new areas of the world on a regular basis.

In 2015, Chua embarked on what could be seen as his most impressive expansion yet with Organo after the Canada based company built a partnership with business leaders in Turkey, according to The Street.

For Bernardo, the need to bring his own company that began life as a healthy coffee based supplier and has expanded to a range of lifestyle products designed to inspire and motivate to Turkey shows his knowledge of history; Bernardo believes his business model allows individuals the chance to better themselves with the aid of his range of Ganoderma infused products sold through a multi level marketing structure.