The Lung Institute and its Stem Cell Therapy

The Lung institute treats many lung diseases be they restrictive or obstructive. Since its inception, the institute has treated more than 4,000 patients. At the institute stem cell therapy is provided for many lung diseases like: bronchiectasis, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, COPD, emphysema, pneumoconiosis and interstitial lung disease.

Chronic Bronchitis

Stem cell therapy treats conditions such as chronic bronchitis. According to a PR Web study, this is a leading cause to ‘chronic obstructive pulmonary disease’ the inflammation of the lungs and air passage causes coughing. This disease can be caused by viral infections, smoking, and air pollution.


Here damage to the airways makes them widen and scarred. This damage makes it impossible to clear mucus. The mucus build up is the breeding ground for bacteria. There are two strains: congenital and non- congenital bronchiectasis. The former comes as a result of a birth defect while the latter comes after birth.

Pulmonary Fibrosis

Pulmonary Fibrosis causes blockage of free pass of oxygen. The causes of this condition are categorized as occupational, autoimmune disorders, genetics and environmental factors. Silica dust, grain dust, herbicides are examples of environmental factors.

The Lung Institute

This institute was started with the objective of alleviating the suffering of those people with chronic lung illnesses. Normal life for people with these diseases can be a nightmare which is why the institute is dedicated to research and implement new ways of dealing with these illnesses.

Since the many of the traditional methods were riddled with side effects and interested in curing the symptoms as opposed to addressing disease progression, the institute developed therapy protocol. This stem cell therapy is bent on treating lung diseases and not just dealing with the symptoms.

‘Stem cell therapy uses the ‘autologous stem cells‘ from the patient’s body to help the body heal naturally. This method prevents the progression of the disease and also deals with the symptoms. The therapies done at the institute are a bit invasive and the take 3 days on an outpatient treatment plan.

Improving lives of those suffering from lung infections is the institute’s sole mission. The research we do and the academic papers we write, all point towards alleviating the suffering of patients. To learn more about chronic lung diseases, visit


Madison Street Capital Gives Plays Key Role In ARES Security Corporation Recapitalization Project

ARES Security Corporation sought the services of Madison Street Capital on a plan to finance future investments. Owing to the excellent Madison Street Capital reputation in handling matters that concern mergers, business acquisition and financial advisory alongside other services, it was the best choice for ARES to hire the services of Madison Street Capital.


ARES Security Corporation is a leading provider of end-to-end software security solutions. A much-required solution for businesses and corporations in modern times. The recapitalization comes as a big boost to enhance the firm’s services and is set to increase its capital base. After a long evaluation process, Madison contracted Corbel Structured Equity Partners to partner with ARES Security for a long term financing project.


The process which was under the leadership of Reginald McGaugh, the Madison Street Capital managing director, turned out to be real success that impressed ARES Security’s top executive and board. Reginald McGaugh noted that this was an excellent opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing software security providers and ultimately contribute towards offering consumers improved services.


The President of ARES Security Corporation Ben Eazzetta vividly expressed his appreciation for the efforts by Madison Street Capital in transacting the deal successfully. He stated that Madison Street Capital has a competitive team and administration that diligently sought for the best financing partner. He also revealed that ARES Security would continue to work in close collaboration with Madison in future endeavors.


This new found partnership between Corbel and ARES will render increased success for ARES. According to the president of ARES, the collaboration will play a vital role in increasing the sales momentum of its existing products and opening new opportunities for their upcoming products. The anticipated growth will be possible partly due to the funds that Corbel will offer and partly due to the broad network of contacts that Corbel has accumulated over the years.


Madison Street Capital is a leading service provider with expertise in valuation, financial advice, acquisition, and mergers. The company has local operations in Asia, North America, and Asia. Integrity, leadership, service and excellence are the core values of the company, which ascertain that the clients receive consistently high-quality products and customer services. The company has won trust from customers through the world with high levels of professionalism in conducting their business. Currently, Madison’s sole focus is shifting to cater to emerging markets and growing needs of clientele around the world.


Whitney Wolfe Makes It Easier To Use Visual To An Advantage

One thing to remember about dating is that people are visual. Even people who insist that looks don’t matter are going to be influenced by the looks of another person. This is why it is important for people to make sure that they are presenting their best photos on the app. For one thing, people are not going to be able to look at anything of the person other than the appearance. The best thing for people to do is take pictures of themselves being unique in appearance. This is what will gain the attention of others for dating and other activities.

Even with the Bumble app created by Whitney Wolfe, it is important for people to stand out in the pictures they present to the users. For one thing, Whitney Wolfe as founder of Bumble, and other women are not going to just pick a person just because he looks good. There has to be something unique about the person. After all, the unique man with the special something is going to get the most attention from women or other people that he is interested in. The only thing that he should do is avoid trying too hard to be unique or impressive.


Whitney Wolfe herself knows to make sure that she looks good. She uses fashion in order to make sure that she is representing who she is to others so that she can find the right man. Whitney Wolfe finds dating to be very fascinating for the possibilities that come with it. For one thing, she is willing to help people find who they are matched with. The best way to do so is for people to make sure that they are being who they are and not trying to look like someone else. Honesty is what gets people with their perfect matches.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe:

3 Benefits of MB2 Dental

The Benefits of Doing Business With MB2 Dental


Do you want to find a dentist that can serve all oral health care requirements that you have? If so, MB2 Dental is the best around and will be glad to hear you. We can do this because we have many years of experience and will add to your overall well being. In this regard, take full advantage of these steps that we will explain below, so that you understand the benefits of doing business with us. We would love to make you one of our next patients.


Benefit #1: We have great doctors on staff


The first major benefit that you will enjoy when you reach out to us is that we have a great staff. Dr. Reddy has been in dentistry for many years and has degrees and experience which will serve you accordingly. He is experienced in just about every form of dentistry that you can imagine and you will be glad that you decided to leave your dental service to him.


Benefit #2: We are flexible and friendly


While we take our business seriously, we are incredibly lighthearted and will put a smile on your face. We are very flexible and can schedule you an appointment that best suits your needs. This way, you do not have to worry about getting the appointment into your timetable, because we can find the perfect situation for you.


Benefit #3: We make the best use of technology


Finally, we make better use of technology than most dental practices out there. Because of this, you will get x-rays that are very intuitive and detailed. It will also be able to clean your teeth and provide with procedures using high-quality instruments. You will get in and out when it comes to appointments and will have nothing to worry about in terms of the excellent service that you have come to expect from any dental professionals that you do business with. We will be glad to help you out with any kind of dentistry that you are looking for.


By accounting for these three benefits, you will quickly see that our dental firm is a force to be reckoned with. We will help you out with any facet of dentistry that you are working toward and will see to it that you leave our offices happy and in good spirits. So take these tips into account and contact MB2 Dental for more service.


Todd Lubar Has A Desire To Help People Get Real Estate Loans

People have many different dreams in life. A dream that a lot of people have during their lifetime is the dream of owning a home. For many people, owning a home is a goal that they keep near the top of their goal list. There are many benefits to owning a home. However, the pride of owning a home is one benefit that is hard to measure. It takes a lot to own a home. There is a tremendous amount of work involved in owning a home.

For most people to own a home, it takes years of commitment. There is a financial commitment to saving for a home along with a commitment to being financially responsible. Both of these are tough financial commitments to keep because the time needed to accomplish both can be long. However, both are important to people being able to eventually own a home. While saving for a home is important, probably establishing and maintaining a good financial history is more important.

People can own a home without saving much money or any money as a matter of fact in some cases. A good financial history can help people in a variety of ways. One of those ways is being able to get a real estate loan to be able to purchase a house. Many things are involved with people being able to get a real estate loan. One of the most important aspects of getting a real estate loan is a good to excellent financial history.

In the real estate industry, real estate loans are a major part of the real estate industry. Without real estate loans, most people would not be able to purchase a home. The cost of many homes would be beyond the financial resources that most people have to purchase a home outright. This is one of the main reasons why real estate loans are extremely important in the framework of the real estate industry.

Todd Lubar is a real estate professional who knows how important real estate loans are to people being able to purchase homes. Todd Lubar owns several real estate companies. The focus of his real estate companies is helping people secure real estate loans to be able to purchase real estate property. Todd Lubar has become a real estate success by helping people fulfill their dream of home ownership, more about Todd can be found on LinkedIn.

Todd Lubar learned about the real estate industry by working for over a decade in the industry in various real estate loan positions. He took the knowledge and experience that he gained and used it to launch his own real estate companies.

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Visit for more info.

US Money Reserve Allows Investors To Buy Gold Coins

US Money Reserve has a catalog of gold coins that investors may purchase at any time, and the coins will offer a number of beautiful options that will bring joy to the investor’s life. The coins that are made by the company change every year, and the coins may be held by someone who understands how to invest. Investors who wish to avoid the stock market may use gold coins, and they may purchase from the US Money Reserve at any time. This article explains how to use the coins when investors wish to invest for the long haul.


#1: The US Money Reserve’s Coins Are Beautiful


The US Money Reserve has a number of coins that were made for their beauty because they allow collectors to choose something that moves them. They may fall in love with their coins when they begin collecting each coin. Someone who wishes to ensure they are investing in something that compels them, and the coins will comprise collections that may be chosen as they pull the collection together.


#2: Ordering Online


Online ordering is quite simple as it may be done through their website at any time, and a customer will pay less money to the company for each coin. The coins will rise in value regardless of their design, and they will become a wise investment that may be held for many years. The children or grandchildren may sell the coins in the future, and they will find it much easier to use the coins because they have a stated value.


#3: Choosing New Coins


The yearly release of coins will ensure there are new coins they may add to the collection. Coins may have a particular design that is appealing to the owner, and they may be added any time they like. The person who is searching for a quite a few coins must purchase them online at any time they like. They may take the coins in through the mail, and they may begin trading their coins as they like. The customer who takes their coin collection seriously will derive quite a lot of value from it, and they will have a number of options when it is time to sell.


Collecting gold coins for investment is quite easy as the customer will find it simple to ensure they are saving money as they invest. Gold coins will rise in value, and they will help the customer feel as though they have value in each purchase they make. Planning for investment is easier when someone is reading the US Money Reserve catalog, and they may speak to someone with the company who will show them which coins are right for their situation.


Bruce Levenson Partners with University of Maryland to Show Students How to ‘Do Good’

Bruce and Karen Levenson have partnered up with the University of Maryland to open up the Do Good Initiative, Known for his role in business and philanthropy, Bruce sees this setting as an optimal opportunity to get bright young people to consider their options when trying to apply their professional prospects to worthwhile causes they wish to pursue.

Bruce Levenson‘s ambition seems to be quite attractive to those who support these kinds of philanthropic outfits. With a combination of fundraising efforts on the part of his wife and himself, along with grants from the state of Maryland, the Do Good Institute was able to acquire nearly $100 million in seed money to begin its operations, and it’s already been able to display the benefits it provides.

Ben Simon is one of the many students to have partnered with the program, he’s also the co-founder of the Food Recovery Network, working to reduce food waste on campus. Simon then went on to start Imperfect Produce, taking edible but less-than perfect fruits and vegetables and reducing their cost so the poor can more easily afford them.

Levenson hopes that the Do Good Institute will help more young people like Simon find their way in making their personal causes viable and successful in achieving their goals. And in doing so, Levenson hopes, the program will spread to other campuses across the country.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson, along with business partner Ed Peskowitz, founded the United Communications Group. With 40 years in business, it has provided services to more than two million clients, making it one of the largest business information companies in the world.

Outside of business Levenson has had a prolific career in philanthropy, including time as President of the I Have a Dream Foundation. Bruce and his wife Karen founded the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, housed at the University of Maryland. According to Forbes Magazine, Bruce was also the former governor of the Atlanta Hawks.

George Street Photo and Video: Making Your Dream Wedding Come True

Are you looking forward to your dream wedding? Don’t worry; George Street Photo and Video Address has got you covered! George Street Photo and Video serves over forty states, so there’s very high chance that your desired city will be covered.

Places you can get married in with the help of George Street Photo and Video are many, but here are two fine examples:

1) San Francisco. Ah, California! With all of its wines and sunshine, who wouldn’t want to get married here?

2) Honolulu. Yes, Hawaii! This is a definite! The gorgeous scenery will absolutely provide you with a five-star wedding.

Here are two great wedding locations that George Street Photo and Video can provide you with. Enjoy your wedding!

#FollowYourFlow Social Media Contest by Waiakea and Skyscanner

On mid-January, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water announced a social media contest, #FollowYourFlow in conjunction with Skyscanner. The contest is a way of the water company to give one winner an opportunity to experience the beauty of Hawaii during the Wanderlust Yoga Festival.

Contest Deal

The contest, which ran from 31st January and winner announced on 1st February, was planned by Waiakea water as a way maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle with their naturally electrolyzed and alkaline rich Hawaiian volcanic water. The winner of winner received a trip around to Oahu provided by Skyscanner who had given a $1,000 airfare ticket.

In addition to the air trip, the winner also got a chance to attend the Wanderlust Yoga Festivals which took place between 23rd and 26th February. The annual festivals feature renowned world-class yoga instructors, live music, meditation, guided outdoor adventures, and plenty of sustainable local dishes.

Contestants simply needed to follow the social media contest page and submit their name, email, and birthdate. Providing the details unlocked additional ways of increasing the chances of winning. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Meaning of the Contest

According to Kameron Waters, a social media influencer and yogi expert, working with Waiakea and Skyscanner was an honor. He interpreted the “flow” in the contest name as an effortless and timeless state of mind which gives optimum performance and complete absorption, also known as “the zone.” He saw the synergy between the yoga community and Waiakea as a way of enhancing that flow which made him more excited.

About Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Organic Authority said that the Waiakea water Company gets its water from one of the world’s sources of purest water, the Hawaiian volcanic and it is passed through thousands of feet of porous rock where it accumulates healthy minerals and alkaline.

The water ends in Waiakea springs where the world’s sweetest water, rich in natural alkaline and electrolyte rich water is packed and branded.

Waiakea water is environmental conservative in addition to being philanthropic. With that said, five percent of the company’s revenues goes to helping local community projects and non-profitable organizations among them Kupu, Kamaha Initiative, and INPEACE. Most of these projects are supporters of education and environment.

The Importance of Having Something Unique At The Event For Guests

One thing that could bring out the best in the event is if the host has the imagination and creativity to use his own specialty. This is one thing that could leave a lasting impression on those that have been invited. One other impressive thing that the host could do is make sure that everything is in working order for the party. One thing that could be very disappointing to a guest is if he goes to a party only to find that not everything that is relevant to the party is in working order. This is where corporate event planners in NYC come in.


Event planners like Twenty Three Layers have a lot of the needed experience in order to make sure that everything is in working order. They handle all of the equipment, the wiring and the entertainment as well as plenty of other services they offer. Therefore, the host can rest assured that their party is not going to have any major problems. Event planners in NYC are very instrumental in handling all of the details in the event so that the host can focus on making the guests feel welcome and satisfied with their experience.


One thing that the event planner can do to bring something unique to the party while event planning companies in NYC handle all of the technical aspects of the party is to come up with some unique cocktail. This will impress the guests of the party. This will also have them looking forward to anymore events that the host has planned for them. One thing that the host has to be in order to have a successful is creative. It also helps to be wise in the approach to the party planning activity. Fortunately, Twenty Three Layers can also help with this.