Brown Modeling Agency Puts Central Texas on The National Modeling Map

If there is a modeling agency based out of central Texas that has put the region on the national modeling map, it has to be Brown Modeling Agency. Ever since they opened, Texan models have ruled the roost, appearing in campaigns for iconic brands like Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, L’oreal and much more.

Not just that, their models have walked the runways for top fashion weeks like the Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and some other leading shows. The reason behind their stupendous success has to be the importance they attach to working with the very best of the best talent that Texas has to offer.

The agency is responsible for handling the careers of 450 models that are referred to and considered as precious “talents.” The agency can do that quite efficiently as it has an extensive repertoire of specializations like fashion, commercial print, film and television and commercial, where it can deploy the models.

Part of the grand success achieved by Brown Modeling Agency can be attributed to the promoter’s finely honed sense of business. Take the commission structure for example-20% for modeling jobs, a 15% for no- union commercial film, television, film or video work and 10% for union jobs. The agency people know the market well, and this is their USP. For instance, they know that Austin is the place for the cool vibe and for trying out new stuff, while Dallas in comparison may be conservative.

Then they also look at strategic acquisition to grow their business. A recent example is that of Heyman Talent Scout. This acquisition also netted them their local Captain, Michael Bonnee. Apart from the marketing planning and another strategic decision making, what has been remarkable about Brown Modeling Agency’s way of running things is the change they brought about in the Texan model’s mindset. Fiercely proud of their Texan roots, these models had to be gently brought around to appreciate the fact that apart from local gigs, they had to work nationally as well.

This agency has been instrumental in bringing about that change in the mindset. Apart from that, the city of Austin itself was evolving and from holding runway shows in bars that aspirations are now classy. They might hire local talent, but certainly, the aim was on a national scale. The Brown Modeling Agency scenario is truly a textbook scenario of how one can identify an opportunity in a particular niche and then go on to excel in it and go national with it. That is exactly what they did by pitchforking the careers of local Texan models onto the national stage. Brown Modeling Agency is truly a class act.

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