Madison Street Capital Gives Plays Key Role In ARES Security Corporation Recapitalization Project

ARES Security Corporation sought the services of Madison Street Capital on a plan to finance future investments. Owing to the excellent Madison Street Capital reputation in handling matters that concern mergers, business acquisition and financial advisory alongside other services, it was the best choice for ARES to hire the services of Madison Street Capital.


ARES Security Corporation is a leading provider of end-to-end software security solutions. A much-required solution for businesses and corporations in modern times. The recapitalization comes as a big boost to enhance the firm’s services and is set to increase its capital base. After a long evaluation process, Madison contracted Corbel Structured Equity Partners to partner with ARES Security for a long term financing project.


The process which was under the leadership of Reginald McGaugh, the Madison Street Capital managing director, turned out to be real success that impressed ARES Security’s top executive and board. Reginald McGaugh noted that this was an excellent opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing software security providers and ultimately contribute towards offering consumers improved services.


The President of ARES Security Corporation Ben Eazzetta vividly expressed his appreciation for the efforts by Madison Street Capital in transacting the deal successfully. He stated that Madison Street Capital has a competitive team and administration that diligently sought for the best financing partner. He also revealed that ARES Security would continue to work in close collaboration with Madison in future endeavors.


This new found partnership between Corbel and ARES will render increased success for ARES. According to the president of ARES, the collaboration will play a vital role in increasing the sales momentum of its existing products and opening new opportunities for their upcoming products. The anticipated growth will be possible partly due to the funds that Corbel will offer and partly due to the broad network of contacts that Corbel has accumulated over the years.


Madison Street Capital is a leading service provider with expertise in valuation, financial advice, acquisition, and mergers. The company has local operations in Asia, North America, and Asia. Integrity, leadership, service and excellence are the core values of the company, which ascertain that the clients receive consistently high-quality products and customer services. The company has won trust from customers through the world with high levels of professionalism in conducting their business. Currently, Madison’s sole focus is shifting to cater to emerging markets and growing needs of clientele around the world.


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